increased stress decreases empathy

Developing your emotional intelligence can improve innovation

20% Increase in Stress – 75% Decrease in Empathy

Are your people constantly under pressure, feeling stressed and exhausted?  If yes, then you are limiting new ways of thinking, creativity and innovation!

When we get stressed our brains and bodies trigger responses to deal with threat. We are preparing to react to danger.  

This biological system is highly effective for coping with certain threats, such as a tiger stalking you in the jungle. We no longer have to negotiate with tigers, however the tigers in our lives in modern times are ‘high demands’, ‘conflict on teams’, ‘demanding clients’, ‘juggling work and life’, ‘month end, year end!’ and so on.  

When our brains and bodies encounter stress, it responds by shutting down parts that we don’t need in the long-term and focusses on the short-term. Therefore, our immunity, reproduction, empathic response and even analytical thinking in no longer in full operation. Instead your brain puts all the body’s resources into core muscles for fleeing the danger!

It means that when we feel stress, we are biologically programmed to be less creative, less compassionate, less visionary.

Lack of Empathy fuels disconnection – disconnection = no collaboration

By developing your emotional intelligence skills with Momentum4, we can enhance your;

  • Effectiveness
  • Relationships
  • Wellbeing
  • Quality of Life

Let us work with you to develop a bespoke strategy that engages your people thus creating a trustworthy, hard working, happy, proud, connected and optimistic work force. Contact us now.