Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

The success and performance of your organisation depends upon your employees being at the top of their game.

Investing in employee wellbeing is likely to lead to:

  • a reduction in employee absence
  • a reduction in employee turnover
  • a reduction in the number of accidents and injuries, which is likely to lead to savings on insurance premiums and legal costs and compensation awards
  • an increase in employee morale and satisfaction, because employees recognise that their employer values their wellbeing
  • a reduction in management time being used to manage sickness absence and conduct disciplinary procedures and accident investigations
  • a rise in the employer’s profile and an improved opportunity to recruit and retain high-quality staff
  • an improvement in productivity, for example employee errors are likely to decrease, machinery-utilisation rates are likely to increase and employees are more likely to focus on their work
  • an improvement in employees’ mental wellbeing, including enhanced resilience, greater creativity and a willingness to be flexible.

Workplace health and wellbeing promotion should be more than a series of standalone initiatives. While it is important for employers to introduce wellbeing programmes focused on individual wellbeing, for example healthy-eating campaigns or ‘get active’ programs, they should embrace an organisational approach that acknowledges the combined impact of a range of factors on employee wellbeing, including environmental, organisational and societal factors. This means putting together a wellbeing strategy that is embedded in the values and culture of the organisation.

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