Why you need a resilient workforce in today’s economy…

Increasing the resilience of leaders and a critical mass of employees leads to organizational resilience and a high trust, high performance culture. This has been shown to have a significant impact on an organization’s performance through higher productivity, greater effectiveness and employee retention.
(Harvard Business Review, Oct. 2004)

  • Do you realise that sustained long term success of a company is dependant on the resilience of the workforce?
  • Do you recognise that the success of building a resilient workforce is dependent on embedding resilient behaviours at ALL levels of business, this includes the ‘C-suite’…it must also be reflected in the core values of the organisation?
  • What does this mean for you, your team, your organisation?

What is resilience?
Dictionary definitions of resilience include concepts like flexibility, suppleness, durability, strength, speed of recovery and buoyancy.
Central to the understanding of resilience at individual and organisational level, is the ability to remain calm, effective and accurate, in spite of working in highly pressurised environments that are constantly changing.

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