Resilience Up Profile

The Resilience Up Profile

inspiring actionable resilience to live an optimal life!                                     

We live in times, where our resilience is being tested on a daily basis, but do you ever ask yourself…

  • What does being resilient really mean?
  • How can I improve my resilience?
  • Are there any early warning signs that indicate that my resilience has been compromised?
  • How can I find out more about my personal resilience?

The Resilience Up profile is an assessment tool, that has been developed by a team of international experts in the fields of resilience and emotional intelligence…the result, a scientifically validated, practical measure of resilience.

The Resilience Up Profile has been specifically designed to enable all participants to consider small, practical, sustainable changes in the four dimensions of resilience, namely, Body, Emotions, Mind & Purpose.

The Resilience Up Profile is an uncomplicated, actionable assessment, that really opens up the resilience narrative. Used strategically, the assessment acts as a ‘first line of defence’ in human risk management. Ultimately, human resilience has a huge impact on business resilience…let’s face it, someone still needs to be awake to press the right buttons!

The assessment results in a short data generated document, that gives insights based on strengths and challenges…this is where many other assessments finish, the Resilience Up Profile however, includes a built in ‘self-coaching’ tool, called The Resilience Cycle, which enables individuals to coach themselves in their area of challenge.

Where many other resilience tools provide a simple diagnosis, the Resilience Up Profile, provides a framework for action, that is simple enough to jump into, but sophisticated enough to drive long-term transformation…the net result, it has a broad range of application, including:

  • Individual/team/leadership development
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Wellbeing/resilience/mental health initiatives
  • Schools and Universities

Insights from the Resilience Up Profile, can be supported by bespoke blended learning solutions, that are designed to challenge current thinking, embed a deeper learning of resilience practices and enhance overall wellbeing and performance. These consists of:

  • e-learning modules
  • Proprietary videos
  • 3rd party videos
  • Articles
  • Experiential exercises

In order to thrive in the current climate, we need energy, agility and adaptive skills, to deal with the complex challenges…in short, we need to be more resilient.

The Resilience Up profile drives the behaviours that make us ‘response ready’ for the future that lies ahead.

Interested in taking the assessment yourself or maybe for your team or even the whole organisation, then please contact us at Momentum4.