We employ strategic thinking, diagnostic tools and one-to-one analysis to improve the performance of individuals, teams and entire companies. The same is never good enough. Working from the top down, we focus on optimising the performance and efficiency of leaders and their teams, which drives sustainable business growth.



Engage >

  • Identify key metrics – what you need to improve
  • Clarify drivers & issues
  • Develop commitment to a plan

Activate >

  • Increase skills & awareness
  • Implement new learning
  • Maintain focus on change

Reflect >

  • Measure effectiveness & ROI
  • Capture success stories & lessons learned
  • Expand upon & integrate successes


Whether it’s Chris’s signature brand of pragmatic, individual performance management, a trademark high-energy workshop from Lara, or any other of the range of development skills Momentum4 offers, our focus is on outcome and achievement.

We know people learn best in a safe, enjoyable, relaxed environment and make sure we really engage with the people we work with. So they’ll not only remember the skills we’ve passed on but will go on to implement them as well.

And even when you’ve reached your goals, our aftercare service means we’ll be just a phone call away if you need a little extra help. That’s why some of the biggest organisations in the UK count on us.


United Nations

United Nations

The Senior Training Manager of the UN in Brindisi, Italy approached Momentum4 in March 2016 with the challenge of designing a ‘change/transition’ programme.

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App-DNA, a fast growing tech’ company, had expanded rapidly over a 2 year period and needed to focus on expansion to the US market. The company was looking for strategic support to ensure the growth of the business could be sustained.

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McCarthy & Stone

McCarthy & Stone

Momentum4 was approached in December 2014 by the CFO of McCarthy & Stone to help build, support and sustain a new working team of a dozen Finance, Legal and other technical staff responsible for delivering the listing of the company on the London Stock Exchange during 2015.

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