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Momentum4 are a consultancy specialising in ‘People Performance’, taking individuals, teams and organisations through transformational change. With a proven track record, we work at a senior level with people who are passionate about the need to improve, evolve and continue to strive for ambitious goals. We enable choice and create possibility.

Momentum4 has recently become the first UK Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, ‘The Emotional Intelligence Network’, where Momentum4 now embed their tools and methodologies to help support them delivering transformational change.

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.  Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.  If you realise that you have enough, you are truly rich.

-Lao Tzu

There are many definitions of Emotional Intelligence, however the original definition of it comes from Peter Salovey and John Mayer who first coined the term EI:

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to the collection of abilities used to identify, understand, control and assess the emotions of the self and others.

Emotional intelligence (EQ), as defined by Six Seconds, is a set of competencies that allows you to apply thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions. While many people have been taught to “leave their emotions at the door,” Six Seconds’ premise is that emotions are essential to effective decision-making and motivation. If you use your EQ effectively you’ll be better able to influence others, to communicate, and to stay focused on the critical path. This is why Harvard Business Review says emotional intelligence is “the key to professional success.”

As a Preferred Partner with Six Seconds, we apply their model and methodology to help support our clients in developing their EQ.

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In the world of sport, an athlete that is looking to win a medal at the Olympics, will ensure they have the right team around them to maximize their performance, one of the team being their coach. The coach will engage, challenge, support, empower, and give guidance to ensure success. More and more businesses are bringing in coaching to support their employees, so they too can improve performance, morale, motivate staff to achieve objectives, support them through change and give tools and techniques in handling difficult situations and or people.

Team coaching
Coaching can also help new teams to reach peak performance quickly or help established teams to improve their effectiveness, or shape a cultural shift in organisations seeking to move to more responsive, committed, flexible, open ways of working.

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

We can always do things better, look at things differently and work on continual self- improvement to enable us to become:

“The best possible version of ourselves.”

To get a true picture of where you think you are as a leader and where others think you are? Why not sign up for the Leadership Vital Signs (LVS) tool. Using the data from this report, we can work with you to enhance your leadership style and performance, using the key drivers and outcomes below:

Leadership Drivers:












Sustainable Performance

Leadership and EI

Emotional Intelligence plays a huge part in the role of leadership today. How would you like to measure your EI and learn how to put practical, actionable steps in place to improve performance, by taking the ‘Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence’ Assessment Tool? (SEI) (Also available in 360 for greater feedback)

Most of the time, your emotional competence is sufficient to navigate the complexities of your daily work and life. However, in times of challenge, complexity, or stress, an increased EQ will strengthen your leadership.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ), as defined by Six Seconds, is a set of competencies that allows you to apply thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions. While many people have been taught to “leave their emotions at the door,” Six Seconds’ premise is that emotions are essential to effective decision-making and motivation. If you use your EQ effectively you’ll be better able to influence others, to communicate, and to stay focused on the critical path. This is why Harvard Business Review says emotional intelligence is “the key to professional success.”

Why is Emotional Intelligence important to you as a leader?

A leader’s job is to engage a team to do work beyond the capacity of any one individual. It is about enrolling people to utilise their full potential. When a leader is aware, authentic, passionate, and acts in integrity, s/he will build trust, commitment and alignment to foster an environment where people can bring their best to the table.

There is no formula for great leadership, no magical path to follow. A great leader makes her or his own path – one that is uniquely based on his or her own skills and attributes. You cannot imitate someone else’s style or use a prescribed set of behaviours. Instead you need to carefully assess yourself to know your own strengths and vulnerabilities, and move forward. This SEI report will give insight to build and apply your EQ to improve leadership.

By working with Momentum4, and using our simply and effective process, Engage – activate – Reflect, we can work with you to assess what is the right tool for us to engage with. Then, using the data, get a clear picture of what strengths you have and what areas need more focus for developing. Collaboratively, we can then, create a personal development plan. After a period of around 3-6 months, we can re-measure and look at outcomes. What has improved? What still needs work? What have you learnt by going through the process?

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At Momentum4 we believe that there are two key aims of managing performance.

    1. To enable people to build a personal resilience framework that is sustainable and keeps them closer to the optimal point in the performance curve.
    2. To apply the key coping strategies into a personal system of responsible management.

Managing Pressure
At the optimum point on the curve we feel in control of our lives, energized, engaged and resilient. We can use our talents and abilities to their full potential. If demands are too high we become overwhelmed, mental energy drops, we feel we are struggling and we can become prone to a decline in performance. If demands are too low we feel disengaged, tired, demotivated…performance also drops.

The advice given is specifically geared to enable people to consider small, practical, sustainable changes, that can make a big difference in terms of performance, effectiveness, wellbeing & health. This is achieved by creating robust ‘Coping Strategies’ that lock you in at the top.

Balance is crucial for energy, but balance is easily lost through trying to adapt to the realities of working life today. The realities of life today:

  • Constant expectations to deliver
  • No line around the job
  • Instant access-instant expectations
  • Time away from home
  • Nothing stays as it is
  • Struggle to balance work life and home life
  • Fatigue, loss of focus
  • Sleep disturbance

The advice given is specifically geared to enable participants to consider small, practical, sustainable changes that can make a big difference in terms of wellbeing, health, effectiveness and performance. This is achieved by creating robust ‘buffers’ that lock you in at the top.

Don’t stop at best in class… become ‘World Class’.

What are the key drivers and outcomes in business that create a ‘World Class’ team climate?

  • Team engagement – According to Gallup, World Class teams have a different mix: 67% engaged, 26% neutral, and only 7% disengaged. Find out what your team mix is by working with us.
  • Trust – Trust is a feeling of confidence, faith, and surety that engenders a willingness to risk and facilitate success in the other climate factors.
  • Motivation – Motivation is the source of energy to overcome challenges, pursue a goal, or maintain commitment.
  • Teamwork – Teamwork is collaborating to pursue a goal; it requires a sense of shared purpose and belonging.
  • Execution – Execution is the ability to achieve strategic results by implementing effective tactics.
  • Change – Change is the readiness to innovate and adapt to succeed in a continuously evolving situation.
  • Agility – Does the team nimbly adapt to new opportunities and challenges?
  • Satisfaction – Are the members committed to remaining in the team?
  • Sustainability – Is the team creating enduring value, and can that continue over time?

Using our simple and effective process of, Engage – Activate – Reflect, Momentum4 will work with you to measure the above drivers and outcomes for your team becoming ‘World Class’, ensuring your company objectives and purpose are always aligned.

Using the data from the Team Vital Signs tool, (TVS) we will consult with you to create a personalised team development plan. This may include, team workshops, 1:1 coaching, team building activities and continual performance review and feedback fed by technology interventions.

We will then schedule to re-measure the team with the TVS 3-6 months post interventions, to review and reflect on what’s working and what still needs improvement.

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Employee engagement is essential for a successful, profitable and thriving business. For an employee to be engaged, there needs to be a few core things that are taken care of.

Employees need to feel like they’re respected, that they’re part of the team, and that their ideas matter. Once that’s taken care of, they’ll be more likely to go above and beyond for their company and provide amazing service, come up with innovative ideas, and help the company grow.

We know at Momentum4 just how important it is to engage in the right way, to get the best results. In business, research shows trends to what the top ten engagement essentials are, that if supported and developed will lead to a hugely engaged and successful organisation. They are….

  • Recognition
  • Feedback
  • Happiness
  • Personal Growth
  • Satisfaction
  • Wellness
  • Champions
  • Relationship with managers
  • Relationship with colleagues
  • Company alignment

(Source: OfficeVibe/state of employee engagement)

We want to offer you the opportunity to experience, develop, engage with and sustain an ethos of having a robust employee engagement process across your organisation. We want to unite and inspire you to be the best supported team(s) in the business, to be world class.

We do this by increasing individual performance, improving engagement inside the organisation, which will then make a positive difference to your bottom line results.

We want to make an extraordinary difference to your teams across the business. We work within a high performing brand and we know and understand pressure and how to manage and work with pressure to turn it into positive energy.

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Treat others as they want to be treated!

Understanding ourselves is always a good place to start.  This is the foundation of emotional intelligence.  Once we have greater self awareness, we can then start to really notice the differences in others.  Why is this so important?

  • To build deep, sustainable relationships
  • To have greater empathy & understanding when dealing with people
  • To help you, manage, influence, sell to, negotiate with others
  • To build trust

By recognising people are ‘different’ and not always ‘difficult’, we can see others perspectives and view of the world!  What are some of those differences?

  • Representational Systems – we represent expereince in different ways. Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetically – VAK
  • Language Patterns – We choose the language based on our preference
  • Filters – our brains filter, delete, distort and compare information based on what’s important to us and going on in our own world!

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In our experience working in many different organisations, we find that certain unacceptable behaviours are left un dealt with. This can create a culture where potential bullying occurs and people who demonstrate these unwelcome ways of working contradict the values and mission of the business.  Managers avoid these difficult situations and therefore allow the behaviours to continue to be the norm. Reasons why this may happen may include, fear of conflict, not having the skill set to deal with such people and situations and maybe a lack of confidence and uncertainty.

Another major factor to consider is how the trust levels are within the teams across the business. Is there a lack of trust, causing there to be a ‘blame culture’, where people don’t take any responsibility because they don’t think it’s their job to.  Therefore, blaming another person or department.

To build trust, people need to know what other areas of the business do and how that links into what they do.  Clear communication top down is essential across the whole business to ensure employees are bought into the company mission, purpose and values.  This is a critical step in bringing teams together who can then work in a positive and assertive way.  This also means that people have permission to have difficult conversations because the relationships have been built and people fully understand, consequences and actions that need to be taken to ensure the business is performing at its best.

Momentum4 can help your business to equip your people to resolve issues more assertively, deal with low performance in a pro-active positive way and deal with difficult conversations with ease.  Including some of the following content:

  • Emotional Intelligence…being smarter with feelings
  • Handling Difficult Situations – The Drama Triangle
  • Transactional Analysys model – Types of ego states and impact! Passive/aggressive behaviour!
  • Creating collaborative outcomes
  • Conflict Resolution – Dr. Marshall B Rosenburg/Signs of conflict…Quick fix solutions…Non violent communication option 
  • The Art of Giving Feedback…Performance review feedback – Powerful questions – Guidelines and models
  • The influences on communications model – It’s not what you say, it’s HOW you say it!
  • Putting it all into Practice! – Using real scenarios to build confidence


Our intervention will be highly interactive, high energy and fun with the main focus on coming together as a group, achieving results and taking responsibility for outcomes.

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